We have 3 contact forms provided for different purposes to better help us help you. You can click on the one you want to jump down to that form or send us an email at bunkabiker@protonmail.com:

- General contact, such as questions, comments, or reporting an issue.
This form is for any contact besides requesting help for your pin or reporting an inactive host.

- Help with managing your host pin on the map.
We will return your email within a week with the link to your URL or have your pin removed. Please check your spam folder for the email.

- Reporting a host that has told you they aren't hosting or is unresponsive.

Please provide a screenshot that includes the phone number or email of the host along with your message to them. A BaB representative will reach out to verify if they are still hosting.

Contact Bunk-a-Biker

Please email us at bunkabiker@protonmail.com to find out how to advertise on our website!

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General Contact
Help with Editing, Deleting, or Adding Your Host Pin on the Map.
Reporting an Inactive Host:

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