Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Bunk-a-Biker?
A: Bunk-a-Biker is a worldwide community of motorcycle riders who offer to host traveling riders at their homes for free. The idea isn't for a free place to stay, it's for building and promoting an uplifting, positive, and supportive community where you can meet your fellow bikers.

Q: What are the rules for using Bunk-a-Biker? What will I get kicked out for?
A: Please refer to our rules, terms of service, and privacy policy page for that information.

Q: How much does it cost to use Bunk-a-Biker?
A: Bunk-a-Biker's rules are that there should be no monetary exchange between hosts and guests to promote friendships developing. Gifts of local souvenirs, a 6 pack of beer, a bottle of wine, dinner, notes, thank you cards, and other thoughtful gifts are appreciated by most of the hosts if it is something you want to do though. The network does require many hours of dedication to continue running and paid services so we ask that if you want to and can, please donate the cost of a cup of coffee to help support the continued group of the community. (Links are HERE.) If any host does try to charge you or you see a cost on a host's pin on the map, please report it HERE so we can remove them from the community.

Q: What is the Strike List?
A: The Strike List is a list of people that we highly recommend that you do not host. All of the reasons that someone has been banned from BaB are listed next to their name. If a host breaks the rules and is removed, they are simply removed from the map and their information stored in case they try to re-join. All host pins have to be approved to make it on the map.

Q: Where is the map?
A: The map can be found at: It’s a normal webpage so it's recommended that you 'bookmark' or 'favorite' it on your web browser.

Q: How do I save the map for quick access?
A: Simply add "" to your bookmarks on your preferred internet browser. (Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc)

Q: Why doesn't Bunk-a-Biker have an app?
A: Being a free platform, there is no money to invest into having an app developed. Zee doesn't have the knowledge, or time, to design one herself, but would be happy to work with anyone who could help.

Q: Why can't I do route planning on the Bunk-a-Biker map?
A: The map host, ZeeMaps, is a paid service that stores all the information for each host. They don't offer navigation on their maps and thus we are limited to the way they're designed.

Q: How can I stay safe as a guest/host?
A: There's many suggestions on this matter for hosts HERE and guests HERE.

Q: Why doesn’t Bunk-a-Biker have a rating system?
A: The first reason that we choose to not employ a rating system is that people don't fairly review and to have someone's home negatively rated for being cluttered or messy due to things like children or pets would not be fair to the host who generously opens their home to help travelers. The second reason comes down to cost, and an advanced website that could do that is too expensive. Bunk-a-Biker is free and is supported by Patreon subscribers or donations while the rest comes out of Zee's pockets. All the time put into running it is basically community servitude.

Q: Who founded and runs Bunk-a-Biker?
A: Kjetil Lystad from Norway founded Bunk-a-Biker and in June of 2019, Zee Traveler offered to help Bunk-a-Biker start growing again after an inactive period. She now runs it. Read the top of this page for a more detailed backstory on BaB.

Q: Why don’t we do a registration system or record driver’s licenses to vet the hosts/guests?
A: The first reason is again, the cost. The second reason is that there’s a lot of laws around safeguarding private information that’s stored online. The third reason is that just because we took their photo doesn’t mean they’re safe. It’s a false sense of security I don’t want anyone to rely on. It’s up to each Bunker/Bunkee to evaluate who they meet and decide whether they are safe. Everyone is always encouraged to get details about their hosts and guests for their own peace of mind, publicly announce who they're staying with, and to inform their family where they'll be.

Q: Why isn't the map pinned at the top of the Facebook group?
A: It is at the top, on the description, and on the cover photo but because we can't change the way Facebook functions, we can't do anymore to make it noticeable than we already have.

Q: Can Bunk-a-Biker help if I break down?
A: You can use BaB to try to get help to get your bike to a mechanic or to find a place to stay while it is being fixed. Please reach out to the hosts local to your breakdown area to request that help from them or you can post on the Facebook groups along with your location and phone number so people can contact you.

Q: Is Bunk-a-Biker a club? Does Bunk-a-Biker allow club members to use their community?
A: Bunk-a-Biker is not a club, it is a community of all types of people and riders. We allow club members to be a member so long as they follow the same rules as everyone else, which can be found HERE.

General FAQ

Host FAQ

Q: How do I add myself to the map to be a host?
A: We recommend that you read THIS PAGE that includes written/graphic instructions how to add a pin to the map and recommendations on how to host. (How-to videos can be found HERE.) If the map options don't load, try another web browser. (Facebook often won't load it correctly)

Q: Why is my pin not showing up on the map?
A: This could happen for a number of reasons. If you recently submitted to the map and got the message "your pin was submitted for approval", it will be approved in 1-10 days. If you didn't receive that message, you didn't fill out the form properly and the map didn't take your submission. Make sure you added an email, phone number, and that it accepted the location you provided before trying again. If you didn't fill out the form with all the information, you'll receive an email from

Q: What can I ask from my guests when they stay at my house?
A: You may ask whatever you want from your guests except payment for staying. Some acceptable things to ask for are a picture of their drivers license, advanced notice, for them to bring all their own supplies, no smoking, no drinking, to be ready to leave at a specific time, etc. Be openly communicative so both you as a host and your guest know exactly where the boundaries are set. More info can be found HERE.

Q: Can I be a host if I don’t ride or own a bike anymore?
Absolutely, you can be a host! Many hosts can’t ride due to age or health but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a part of this community and still get to spend time with other riders.

Q: What do I do if a potential guest/bunker does not answer my questions?
A: If a potential guest/bunker is not forthcoming about themselves, we would recommend you not allow them to stay with you. If the potential guest is not okay sending you a photo of themselves/their bike, telling you about themselves, telling you about their trip, or anything else, it has usually been a sign of deceit. Please listen to your instincts when it comes to meeting people in person and do not do it if you feel uncomfortable.

Q: How do I use the map as a guest?
A: Open the map in a browser (preferably not through Facebook), scroll to the area where you’re looking to stay, click a pin, verify it works for you, then contact through the provided methods. If you have to search around, make sure to use the map “back” button and not the browser “back” button. Click here for more info on how to be a BaB guest.

Q: Do I have to also be a host if I want to be a guest?
A: Absolutely not. It takes all kinds to make a community like this so that means people who can host and people who are mostly guests. You can do neither, either, or both at your own discretion.

Q: Can I use BaB if I’m not on a bike?
A: We prefer people to be riding when using Bunk-a-Biker. If you're hauling bikes in a multi-wheel rig or are in a car, you can directly contact hosts to see if they are willing and able to accommodate you though.

Q: Can I use Bunk-a-Biker if I am traveling with pets or kids?
A: All of Bunk-a-Biker's hosts are different so if you are traveling with pets or kids, reach out to the hosts you are wanting to meet and let them know your situation. If they have the ability and willingness to host you with your pets and/or kids they will then give you their permission.

Q: Is it safe to use Bunk-a-Biker as a solo woman?
Bunk-a-Biker is equal to all members and we only want you to consider staying with a host if it is something that you are comfortable doing regardless of your gender, age, what type of bike you ride, your race, etc. We welcome all. The owner of BaB is a woman who often travels solo and stays with hosts throughout the world to stay connected with the community. Any issues that get reported are investigated, but BaB has remarkably few issues for a community of 50,000+. The majority of reports from guests and hosts are positive, and you can see some of those on Facebook.

Q: How can I use Bunk-a-Biker if I don't plan my rides?
A: If you are a spontaneous rider then we would recommend that you pursue hotels instead of engaging with our community. Hotels are open 24 hours a day, but our hosts are people with lives, jobs, families, and hobbies of their own. If you would like to meet people and be welcomed into their homes as a part of their family for the night, you will have to alter your riding style to be a little more planned so you can contact and arrange a stay.

Q: Can I use Bunk-a-Biker if I can't guarantee if I can make it in the agreed time due to a medical condition or other reason?
A: The most important thing about Bunk-a-Biker is communication. If you have a medical condition that could affect your ability to arrive to a host's house on the agreed upon day, let your host know when you start the conversation with them. If the host can't accommodate an unsure arrival, they should tell you that. If it happens that you can't make it, just make sure to let them know as soon as you know. So long as you communicate you will not be in trouble or accused of a "No Call, No Show."

Q: How far in advance should I contact my hosts?
A: If there is information on the host pin on the map about when they want to be contacted, please listen to the guidelines that host provided. If the pin does not provide any information, we recommend 1-14 days in advance. You can request the same day, but some hosts can't accommodate last minute requests. On the reverse side, most people do not know what they will be doing a month or months from today so they likely can't guarantee they will be available in the future. 1-3 days in advance is the most common amount of time in advance.

Q: What will get me banned or kicked out from Bunk-a-Biker?
A: Any behavior that is unbecoming of a community can be grounds for having you added to the Strike List. If you get kicked out of the Facebook group for breaking the rules posted on there then you can still use BaB. Facebook is not required to be a member of BaB nor is anyone entitled to that privilege. We have to maintain peace on Facebook to avoid being in violation with their Community Standards and we are not interested in having members who seek to cause negativity within the community. Please refer to our rules, terms of service, and privacy policy page for more information.

Guest FAQ

Who manages Bunk-a-Biker today?

While Kjetil started Bunk-a-Biker, he passed the baton to Zee Traveler in 2019.

Top Left: Current CEO and owner of Bunk-a-Biker, Zee Traveler.
Top Right: Manager for Bunk-a-Biker, Jesse Gamez.
Bottom: Former CEO and original found of Bunk-a-Biker, Kjetil Lysted.

Bunk-a-Biker was thought up in 2014 by Kjetil (Che-tyl) Lystad of Oslo, Norway and who still resides in Sarpsborg, Norway. Kjetil would offer his place to friends that were riding through and before long, his name started to get passed around to other riders. So began the idea to start a motorcycle-specific group similar to CouchSurfing, which had become popular worldwide. “Screw it, let's make this group be for all bikers to unite under the idea of offering their place to their fellow riders who traveled through," he said. The name "Bunk-a-Biker" quickly popped into his head, catchy and simple, and he began promoting it locally and to his friends. On February 2nd, 2015 he started the first Facebook group, 'Bunk-a-Biker Norway', then it was followed by the Facebook page of the same name on October 15, 2016. The ball was rolling and members were offering to start and run branched-off local groups for Denmark, Sweden, Australia, the US, and so on. Unfortunately not long after, Kjetil began having health issues and needed to focus on his personal issues so the ball of momentum for BaB slowed down and eventually came to a halt by mid-2017.

In June 2019, Zee Traveler approached Kjetil with an offer to re-kindle Bunk-a-Biker into an active, healthy, and well-maintained resource. Zee is an ambitious community leader, having gotten her start in February of 2016 with her founding group "Minimalist Motorcycle Vagabonds", that was a flourishing and supportive community to be a part of. She's also a passionate traveler who's been living on her bike for years and adores the idea of using her time and skills to help Bunk-a-Biker grow. Due to a motorcycle wreck, she had six weeks that she couldn't ride and decided to spend that time helping build up another community that could help all traveling riders, from the average rider to the famous world travelers. Instead of starting her own, she reached out with the offer to BaB, and Kjetil was excited to find someone that shared his same vision of what BaB could be given the right dedication. Her reputation as a traveler and admin of MMV preceded her and soon people were happy to see activity in the groups again.

While Zee had been a member of Bunk-a-Biker US since May 12, 2017 and an admin of the group since April 21, 2018, she was unable to help much due to the map service of choice, ZeeMaps (unaffiliated), changing policy and charging a monthly or yearly fee for a map. Bunk-a-Biker's core needed to have a map for members world wide to use and with the financial backing of a few loyal fans of MMV throwing in a couple dollars a month out of gratitude, the map service was paid for. To this day, Patreon supporters help with the cost of the map, website, podcast, domains, and time spent running BaB. (Click here to see how to support the community.)

From June until December 2019, it took considerable time to get the Facebook page and groups linked up, information about the network standardized, a logo designed, and the website created and filled with information. Up to this day, Zee still spends much of her time helping members learn to use the map, making sure the map data stays organized, running the infrastructure on multiple social media platforms, marketing, giving interviews, and explaining what Bunk-a-Biker is to anyone who will give her a minute of time. It's a ton of work to keep BaB running smoothly but Zee's fortunate to have many amazing people who volunteer time to help manage the Facebook activity and assist with other projects. It's a community effort to keep this community going.

With US, Canada, and Europe doing well with activity and hosts, Zee is now focused on bringing awareness of the network to Asia, Australia, Central America, South America, and Africa. So if you have any tips on great people to talk about in these countries to spread Bunk-a-Biker, please reach out! Also feel free to contact Zee if you're interested in interviewing her for your podcast, YouTube, or article. If you have an offer to exchange advertising on BaB's website with your own, she is also interested in discussing those opportunities.

Please share Bunk-a-Biker with all the cool people you know!

Zee Traveler

Bunk-a-Biker; A Brief History

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