How to be a Guest on Bunk-a-Biker and How to Use the Map

The first step to being a guest on Bunk-a-Biker is understanding that it is your responsibility to pursue finding a host. It may take some time and effort in establishing an arrangement with an available host, but it is the exchange you give for free accommodations. While we prefer you to not use hosts as a final destination, but as a stop along the way, expect that you may have to stray off of your route to stay with one. If any of that is too much of an inconvenience, we suggest looking for your closest hotel or motel.

The number one complaint on Bunk-a-Biker is that a guest said they would show up, doesn’t, and doesn’t tell the host that their plans changed. If you can’t or won’t make it to someone’s house when you said you were going to, tell them AS SOON as possible. If you show poor conduct in the consideration of a host, your name may be added to the Strike List and future hosts may not welcome you into their homes.

If a host says no, do not try to forcefully change their mind, take it personally, or be rude about it. Say thank you and move on. This behavior will get you added to the Strike List.

***SPECIAL NOTE: Please shower when you show up to someone's home to show consideration. Thank you.***

How to Find a Host:

  • Click here to view the map -->

  • Zoom by pinching the screen on your mobile or using the "+" and "-" buttons on desktop to the area that you wish to find a host.

  • Click the pin to view what the host offers and how to contact them.

  • The pin colors mean: Green - outside space. Red - inside space. Purple - both inside and outside. Blue - local information or break down assistance only. Yellow - no info. Black - DO NOT CONTACT.

  • Use either the email or number to begin arrangements. We recommend a text message in the USA/Canada and email or Whatsapp in the rest of the world.

  • Begin your email or text with mentioning Bunk-a-Biker, your name, and what days you're looking for accommodations.

  • Be forthright in how many people are in your party and what motorcycle you are riding.

  • Be prepared to offer links to your social media if asked, and possibly friend them if your profile is private so they can learn about you.

  • Collect references. If you’ve been hosted before, get names and numbers from them to vouch for your character.

  • Don’t try to use the map to get routes as it’s not designed to do that. You will have to copy the addresses over to Google Maps or whatever your navigation choice is.


  • Remind yourself that although you know you’re safe, your potential hosts don’t. While you’re being cautious with going into their home, they’re also being cautious with letting you into their home. Try not to ask anything of them you wouldn’t be happy to provide vice versa.

  • Tell a friend or family member where you’ll be staying, who it is, and how you found them. Check in regularly throughout the visit.

  • Post about your excitement about your upcoming host on the Facebook group.

  • Take lots of photos! Not just for safety reasons, but because being able to document and share your experiences with BaB on social media is wonderful.

  • Send pictures of the front of the house, license plates, etc to your friend or family member.

  • Meet your potential host at a public space; such as a coffee shop or restaurant. It will give both you and the host a chance to evaluate the situation in a neutral environment.

  • Take pictures of the area you used before and after you leave, in case any unfortunate accusations arise.

  • Don’t give the host any important documents for holding that would affect your ability to leave.

  • Keep your valuables and important documents somewhere out of sight or on your person.

  • Never be scared to leave prematurely. Trust your instincts and don’t feel like you have to be polite before being safe.

Initial Contact:
Effective communication will make all the difference in having a good time bunking, and that includes being tactfully forthright and bold with your questions. Within the first few messages or minutes of chatting on the phone with a potential host, it’s good to inquire about these things up front. If anything is said that you refuse or can’t comply with, knowing as early as possible will give you time to make alternative plans:

  • House rules - their stance on alcohol/marijuana/drugs, preference on weapons, what time they go to bed, what time they get up, when you’re expected to leave, what areas you’ll have access to.

  • How long you can stay and precisely what accommodations are being offered - how many days/nights you’re initially welcome, whether you’ll be inside or outside, if you should bring your own air mattress/blankets/pillows, if you should feed yourself or if they’re offering a meal.

  • Availability - if they’re home and available for the time you’ll need.

  • Parking situation - you’ll likely want to know where your bike will be parked so ask whether they have covered parking, garage space, street parking, a driveway, or backyard.

  • Pets - If you have allergies or aversions to animals, ask whether they have indoor/outdoor pets before you arrive so you can make informed choices about your health.

  • Food - Some hosts like to cook and some don't. Make sure to ask if they're cooking, would like to go out with you, or make sure to feed yourself before showing up.

Suggestions on Ways to be a Gracious Guest:

  • Bring a token from your home area such as Harley Davidson poker chips, keychains, local foods/candies/drinks, etc.

  • Make the bed or offer to throw the sheets in the washer before you leave.

  • Leave your accommodations as good or better than you found them.

  • Ask permission for access to food or drinks before helping yourself.

  • Don’t expect food to be provided. Be prepared to feed yourself.

  • Offer to do the dishes after a meal, clean the table, or cook.

  • Respect their wishes when it comes to alcohol, marijuana, weapons, and drugs.

  • Clean up after yourself.

  • Be polite. If you’re tired or sore from riding, say so tactfully. Your host is likely excited to have you over and may forget you had a long journey.

  • Be open minded about doing fun activities with your host. They may want to show you their favorite roads, restaurants, dive bars, or outdoor activities.

  • Be respectful of when your host sleeps and wakes up. Be quiet when you need to be.

  • Keep in mind, some personalities clash. If you don’t get along well with your host, try to be polite until you can leave.

  • Keep your belongings in one area and try to keep them semi-organized so they won’t be in the way.

  • Be inquisitive and engaging with your host. They may want to hear all about your travels so tell your stories in a positive and funny way, if possible. If they would prefer to talk your ear off, be respectful and pay attention.

  • If something gets broken, tell them upfront about it. Try to resolve the situation by offering to fix it or replace it.

  • Stay away from emotionally charged topics such as, but not limited to, politics, religion, personal rights, gender, COVID, etc.

Unacceptable Behaviors That Will Get You Banned:

  • Leaving trash behind.

  • Destroying their property on purpose such as riding in their yard, running over plants, breaking things in the house. If an accident happens, talk to them about it.

  • Stealing.

  • Getting high/drunk and causing a problem - yelling, crying, trying to start a fight, etc.

  • Treating your host’s house like a hotel - expecting them to pick up after you or serve you.

  • Staying in their guest room the whole time. The point of Bunk-a-Biker is to be social so if you want to be left alone, we suggest a hotel.

  • Acting sexual or perverse - trying to have sex with the host, telling offensive jokes without permission, trying to touch them without consent, etc.

  • Not taking “no” for an answer.

In the event of a mechanical failure, update your host as to how long the repairs will take. Invite them to listen to the mechanics about your issues. Openly communicate about length of stay and whether you should make alternative arrangements for longer periods.

After you have left a host’s house, please post your experience on the Facebook groups! This gives each host and guest a background for future reference and it shows other members how wonderful Bunk-a-Biker is. Remember to tag or use full names so it is searchable.

In the unfortunate circumstance that something possibly criminal happens, please immediately leave the situation and find somewhere safe to contact the police. If there’s any other issues, attempt to resolve them amongst yourselves and if that fails, use this form to bring the admins into it. If you feel like a host should have a strike or that they need to be excommunicated, let us know ASAP. We will take the necessary steps to handle the situation.

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